HARALD STOJAN (*Austria 1993, he/him/xe/xim) lives and works inter Berlin and Vienna as dancer/performer, soundartist, somatic voice teacher and poet oscillating between dance/performance, contemporary music’s & fine arts. 

Studies of audio engineering (SAE Vienna, 2014) and computer music and electronic media (MDW Vienna 2014 - 2017) in Vienna as well as dance at Tanzfabrik Berlin (2019) shape his output.

Core topics of his artistic production revolve around developing and queering affects and formats through utilising different media and expanding the conventional use of tools.
The use of voice and electronic sound are never far away from the dancing body in his work.

Artistic collaborations in Theatre, Architecture,Fashion & Dance – among others at Signature Theater New York/Broadway,Columbia University New York, TAKE Festival for Fashion Vienna, Actoral Festival Marseille and venues all over Vienna (Theater in der Drachengasse, Kabelwerk/Wien, WUK, EKH etc.) and Berlin (HAU, Uferstudios, Radialsystem, Spektrum, etc.). 

Including work, research and output among others with Jeremy Wade, Simon Mayer, Sergiu Matis, Lavinia Vago, Roger Sala Reyner, Holly Herndon & Colin Self.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
▬▬ι═══════ﺤ    -═══════ι▬▬
ASSEMBLY - (c) Philipp Weinreich
ASSEMBLY - (c) Philipp Weinreich

multidisciplinary soundart-projekt
experimental DJ-ing, soundsculptures, multi-channel soundinstallations, live performances in club-, fine arts- and concert environments


demon-pop duo with Milena Georgieva
concerts and sound installations in fine arts- and club venues

blocks of basalt dropped onto sand,

fragments of encoded information –

echo      like     reverberant works of metal,

throw a stone,







hallways of black hole-infinite-corridors,

a step on sand,

like up the stairs you forgot a step,
breathe in, slowly    sway    backwards,


-           phase alternate lines

a radiant hum
droning effortlessly in space,

refracted shards of thinking
                             tumble down
                                         like feathers,

perishing on concrete floors in abandoned factory halls,

                                    on layers,

                 on layers,


dervish dance in it
fling it into air -
lights filtered,
slow-, silver-, shifting-,

                               oversaturated shine

copper reverberance


                     and flight instincts

crayon prosthetics
artiodactyl prosthetics
s p a s m odic        pa ces

onyx marble atrium
rush through the temple

stream through:
artificial rooms

unassertive buoyant shoulder blades scraping textiles

sprockets clicking into place,
thickly covered in machine liquids - adhesive with dust
shifting realities into one another,
eyes rolling inside their holes, inwards
here and now
here and now,
here and now!
sizzling distortion

the sound of a construction-site-iron-fence rattling

slight errors
scared up flattering
coniferous green
false awakeninga

marble rolling on the upstairs floor.
.             .         .      .      .    .  . .

Noesis X
4 Track EP
April 11, 2020

collection of music and sound that emerged from collaborations with choreographer and dancer Lavinia Vago, based in Seattle (USA)

Apr. 2013 – Sept 2014
Dipl. Audioengineer
SAE Technology Institute Wien
Focus: Psychoacoustics & Multi-Channel Audio/Ambisonics 

Sept. 2014 – Jun. 2017
Dipl. Academic Soundartist
Computermusic & electr. Media (ELAK)
Universität für Musik & darstellende Kunst Wien (MDW)
Thesis: Gesture of Sound – approaching the living entity through the sonorous

Sept. 2018 – Jun. 2019
Dance Intensive – contemporary/somatic dance education
Tanzfabrik Berlin 

Nov 2019
SNDO Intensive Course
Amsterdam NL 

& collectives

2013 – 2017
Member of
E3 Ensemble Vienna
actor, composer and audioengineer
var. theaters in and around Vienna (Theater in der Drachengasse, Kabelwerk, Werk X etc.) & touring through Austria

2016 – 2017
Member of
Clinic Vienna
organiser, audioengineer and resident
eventseries for contemporary post-genre Club-Culture and fine arts

2016 – 2018
BLISS Vienna
audioengineer and technical advisor
feminist event series for contemporary club-culture (in the meantime Hyperreality)

since Jun. 2016

multidisciplinary soundart-projekt
experimental DJ-ing, soundsculptures, multi-channel soundinstallations, live performances in club-, fine arts- and concert environments

since 2018
voice teacher
for groups & one on one,
somatic and classical techniques,
e.g. Welt ohne Außen – immersive spaces at Martin Gropius Bau Berlin - summer intensive workshops,
Agora Berlin & Tanzfabrik Berlin

since 2018
collaborations with
Jeremy Wade
as sounddesigner and vocal-coach
performances at HAU Berlin & Suicide Circus 

since 2018

demon-pop duo with Milena Georgieva
concerts and sound installations in fine arts- and club venues

2017- 2018
sounddesigner, composer, live elektronics und musikal. advisor for
Simon Mayer (Vienna, Brussels)
e.g. Sons of Sissy, SunBengSitting, Reqiuem
shows in Europe (i.a. Actoral FestivalMarseille) and China (i.a. Shanghai Biennal) 

since 2019
collaboration with experimental musician
Elvin Brendhi (Freya Edmondes)
live visuals, dancer and musician
shows in Venues in Berlin, Helsinki, Vienna and London

selection of Projects

Apr. 2015
composer and sounddesigner for Hannah Bisewski: Scrapland
15 channel ambisonics sound design,
premiered at Broadway (NYC) - Signature Theatre

Jul. 2017
creator and performer: En Suite

sound- and multimedia installation with Milena Georgieva
as part of Rosa-Rauschen Exhibitions in Vienna
Univ. for applied arts Vienna

Aug 2017
performer for Michele Rizzo: Higher
at Museums Quartier Vienna – Impulstanz 

Okt 2018
performer for Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst: Chain Opera
The New Infinity – New art for planetariums for Berliner Festspiele immersive video installation for planetariums 

Jan 2019
Performer& Vocalist for Colin Self: Siblings
live concert for choir and string ensemble at HAU 1 (Berlin) 

Feb 2019
co-choreography and sound design/music Lavinia Vago: Noesis X
8 Channel Sounddesign and Performance
premiered at Velocity Dance Center (Seattle -USA)

performer & vocalist for Colin Self: Siblings SUBTEXT (Performance)
at Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin 

performer for Sergiu Matis: Nocturnes for the End of Time
at Tanzfabrik Berlin 

Jul 2019
Musician and Performer for FCCC Jeremy Wade, Nina Mühlemann & Tanja Erhart
at Impulstanz Vienna 

Aug 2019
performer for Every Ocean Hughes: Help the Dead (After Ian White)
at kw-Berlin

Aug 2019
Performer for Deborah Hay: Exit
Tanz im August – University of Fine Arts Berlin 

Nov 2019
Performer for Andre Uerba: Firestarter
at Flutgraben Berlin

Apr 2020
Performer and Musical Advisor for Charlie Laban Trier and Christina Rizzo
at Dansmakers Amsterdam (NL) 

Aug 2020
Performer for ASSEMBLY by Deva Schubert
at Radialsystem Berlin

Sept 2020
Choreography and Performance for
as part of DeDecent Protests for Belarus with Daria Belous
at KunstraumReuter Berlin

Dec 2020
Sounddesign for VIRAL RELOAD by Deva Schubert & Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez
at Gessnerallee (CH)

Apr 2021
Performer in Surveil-Perform ADHD Penetration
by Zander Porter

at Reconnectfestival (Online)
3 channel Video live-stream

May 2021
Performer & Voice Coach for Queer Choral

online & offline in Reformationskirche Moabit
as part of PAF – Performing Arts Festival Berlin

May 2021
Performer & Vocalist & Co-Composer
Puddles the Pelican and The Pregnant Oyster

Performance by Jeremy Wade & Friends
at HKW Berlin

Aug 2021
Performer *|* Emoji-bot *|*
by Zander Porter
3 channel Videoinstallation
at ACUD MACHT NEU - Berlin